"Territory of strategic development in the Tver region of the Russian Federation. 

    The international association "IICC Group of Companies", together with its members and partners, continues its participation in the development of the architectural and town-planning concept for the strategic development of the Seliger territory. The Project covers a vast area of 868,400 hectares with concentrated systemic town-planning blocks.;

The goal of this nation-wide large-scale Project is to obtain new universal master samples of complex socio-economic development of the territory for the Russian Federation by introducing into this territory modern objects having the world’s highest priority: science, education, medicine, agriculture, culture, exhibition centers, centers of recreation and sports, an also, for servicing them, residential and hotel facilities, retail outlets and social and cultural facilities. 

The place of this town-planning proposal was chosen according to the “close-to-far” principle – intentionally at an equal distance of 300 to 350 km between the largest megalopolises of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, in a unique, traditionally Russian, historical-cum-cultural, natural-cum-climatic and eco-landscape area with a uniquely clean ecology, as the most important value and the target motivation of its preservation in any process of creation. The “close-to-far” principle is applied as a purposeful town-planning and political-economic method of conditional independence of the development of this territory from the giant cities mentioned above. At the same time, this principle allows Moscow and St. Petersburg to realize a unique opportunity to create a new recreational center, universal in all respects, at an accessible distance from each other, thereby solving the strategic task of decongesting their urban areas for many years.


Development project on the lake Volgo


Creation of a complex of independently operating and mutually complementary areas in the said territory will ensure a territory which is dynamically and socio-economically advanced in the following areas:

I. Science and education.

  • Creating:

    -the International Scientific and Practical Academy of Nature and Ecology with the largest international technology park for the development and implementation of the state-of-the-art technologies in the processing of natural resources into environmentally friendly products.

    -the International Youth Student City attached to the Academy "Nature and Ecology", with year-round programs of education, recreation and sports.

    -the All-Russian Center of Vocational Technical Education "Town of All Trades".

    -a park of flora and fauna of the earth (an international zoo) with walks and excursions.

    -the Russian national and international educational-cum-recreational center "Learning the World" with exhibition halls "Energy", "Earth", "Space", "Ocean", "Man, History, Culture", and others, as well as summer-to-winter gaming complexes and water parks.

    II. Agriculture.

  • Creating:

    The National Scientific and Practical Center for the creation, implementation and production of organic food on the basis of research pilot projects, with the help of specialized agricultural academies and agricultural institutes relocated to this territory.

    III. Sport is the Health of the Nation.

  • Creating:

    The International Olympic Sports Center with the possibility of conducting Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Russian Championships in winter and summer sports in open stadiums and in closed pavilions, in a unique natural ecosystem: skiing, bobsleigh, luge, rally, auto races and cycling races, sailing sports, including regattas in the open water areas the largest lakes of the region: Lake Seliger and other Upper Volga lakes.

    IV. Medicine and Health.

  • Creating:

    A systemic health-cum-resort, tourist, natural and climatic complex "Health of Russia" (hydropathic baths and mud baths, spa resorts, water parks, golf clubs, equestrian and recreational routes, hunting, fishing, hotels, campgrounds, motels).

  • In addition, creating:

    1. The system “Historical, cultural, natural and tourist complex of the “Seliger – Valdai” region, including the creation of a unique open-air museum complex on the basis of the town of Ostashkov.

    2. A systemic aerial-sports complex with an air transport base for business- and recreational aviation.

    3. The transport frame in the form of railway-, automobile- and high-speed routes for recreational and entertainment purposes throughout the entire territory of the Seliger Park and its complexes.

    4. Environmentally friendly and affordable housing and social facilities, as an example of residence in the territory of Russia, on the basis of targeted housing programs for resettlement of population in the Seliger territory, including that for the new population in the pipeline of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as migration of population from the North of this country, as well as from FSU countries and foreign countries.

    Therefore, the resultant vector of the Project is aimed at the implementation of the national priority areas in the development of the Russian Federation for the near term, which have been identified by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation:

    The Seliger Project has an advantage over other projects in the creation of tourist- and recreational zones, as it sets the universal task of comprehensive development of the whole Seliger territory in all modern areas: science, education, medicine, agriculture, sports, demography, state-of-the-art engineering and social infrastructure and, thus, it creates natural opportunities for the development of tourism and recreation in such conditions;

    The Project creates conditions to identify the "Seliger" territory, by means of ecologically friendly criteria, as a new specialized center for national and international science, education, medicine, sports, tourism and recreation.

    For the growth and development of environmental-cum-natural and historical-cum-educational tourism for residents of Russia and for guests from foreign countries, one of the most important tasks of the Seliger Project is to create the largest network of the state-of-the-art hotels and affordable three-star hotels.

    Currently, IICC is engaged in the selection of an investor for the construction of a modern hotel on Lake Volgo with eco-natural tourist infrastructure.

    The attractiveness, economic controllability and security of this project is based, on the one hand, on the fact that a land plot of 26.6 hectares has already been purchased and registered as a property by one of the IICC participants. The construction of a hotel is envisaged in the territory of this site, which will become an active link between the already existing hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg, providing guests with one-off walking eco-tours in the lakes of the Seliger territory.

    For this project, IICC specialists have completed general development plans of build-up for areas covering more than 500 hectares, which also include areas already acquired with a total size of 26.6 hectares specifically for the construction of a hotel with infrastructure (a yacht club, a year-round residential village for fishermen and hunters, retail outlets and other auxiliary facilities).

    Within the framework of the same project, as a result of research conducted by IICC specialists, and along with the construction of new hotels, it is planned to actively purchase three-star hotels already operating in major Russian cities, which will be under the unified management of the operator company.

    It should be noted that in the development of the Seliger Project, we also plan to use new efficient types of buildings developed on the basis of the original combined design-cum-planning structure which is the intellectual property of the IICC members and is protected by Eurasian patents.

    Those interested in participating in the development and implementation of individual sections of the Seliger Project should submit specific proposals on the goals and objectives of their participation and become associate members of the IICC Group of Companies on terms and conditions agreed with the IICC management.







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