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"IICC" NP - Non-Commercial Partnership "Interregional Information and Commercial Center" and the Association The International "IICC Group of Companies" was established in 1999. 

The main members and partners of the International Association "IICC Group of Companies" , with whom many years of cooperation in certain areas of activity have been established and continues:

- JSC «CСTE» (holding) (Moscow)

- ZAO «VPEKTI» (Armenia)

- «LOTTE GROUP» (South Korea)

- «GlavUPDK» of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Moscow)

- Institute "Geostroyproekt" (Moscow)

- «Izz International» (France)

- «Royal Trust» (Switzerland)

- «Interiors» (Italy)

- «Infa-project» (Moscow)

- and others.


- Arch. Novak Mila, Ing. Novak Stepan - architecture, design, engineering (Serbia)

- Arch. Koltunov V.N. - town-planning concept of the Seliger project (Russia)


The main activities of the "IICC Group" Association for 2019 and subsequent years.

- the provision of information and consulting services in the areas of activity of the members of the "IICC".

- rendering of consulting services in the field of engineering in infrastructure projects (civil engineering, energy, water management, road construction, renewable energy sources, etc. in foreign countries);

- search and selection of promising projects taking into account the profile of the members and partners of the "IICC";

- rendering services in preparation and participation in tenders, as well as in promoting interests in the process of preparing contracts for construction and installation works in Russia and abroad;

- performance of representative functions and provision of services to protect the interests of its members in communicating with potential partners for establishing business relations and mutually beneficial cooperation in Russia;

- preparation and issuance of specific recommendations for the development of alternative design solutions for areas of complex residential development with the use of new types of multi-storey buildings on the basis of an original combined design system that provides high economic efficiency and meets modern requirements;

- implementation of the functions of the General Designer in the development and approval of alternative projects for construction on specific sites;

- provision of the necessary support in the development of the architectural and town-planning concept for the development of the territories of advanced development of the regions of the Russian Federation and the formation of the idea of a nationwide exemplary project "Seliger", covering the modern facilities of priority areas of science, education, medicine, sports, tourism, agriculture, housing and social facilities;

- preparation and submission of proposals on the sale and lease of real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and Armenia, taking into account the applications of the members of the "IICC", directly from the owners and, if necessary, the organization of commercial negotiations with the seller-owners;

- fasistance in solving problems related to state, local and municipal authorities, banks and other financial, administrative and legal bodies of the Russian regions within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The knowledge of the long-term development plans and the nearest planned projects, as well as long-standing partnerships with customers and contractors and significant experience in the implementation of the services provided, make it possible to offer with confidence the provision of services by a company wishing to become a member of the IICC Group.

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